I am a Psychologist, Coach, Female Leader and a Facilitator of The Groove Method by Misty Tripoli.

I believe that a meaningful, fulfilled life and career is everyone’s birthright. No matter your definition of success, you are worth creating your own reality, where you thrive both personally and professionally.

My mission is to MOVE people and organizations forward, so they can GROW into their highest potential. As a person who went through a tremendous transformation herself, I am dedicated to teaching you how to free yourself from conditioned thinking and start living in alignment with your values. I am here to help you build up solid and healthy self-esteem, which is the foundation of quality life, career, and relationships.

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We live in a society that cultivates striving for perfection and a constant push for performance.

Whether it’s body image, career, or relationships the standards we are expected to live up to are frankly unattainable.

We desperately try to fit in and belong, but as a result, we are more and more disconnected from who we are, how we feel, what we value, and how we want to lead our lives. 

Our bodies become machines that we overuse and mistreat to achieve social approval and status. We start to believe that we are never good enough, that we always must prove ourselves with external measures of success like a better job, house, partner, or body.

Move&Grow - Embodied Psychology & Coaching is a place where you learn how to become the best version of yourself and embrace the uniqueness of your mind and body.

It is a safe space where you master how to lead your life in alignment with your personal values and create more meaning, joy, and fulfillment by being authentic with who you are and what you stand for. Through the holistic process of healing your past, body and mind integration, and setting intentions for the future, you will be able to transform into a whole and complete version of you.

Become a person who:

Believes that the most important relationship in its life is the relationship with oneself.
Does not need to prove anything to anyone to feel worthy and fulfilled.
Develops strong resilience towards challenges, emotional flexibility, and turns hardships into opportunities to grow.

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself?

I do!

Coaching One on One

Engage in online sessions designed to define your challenges, get clarity on your goals, and develop customized strategies to overcome the obstacles in the way.

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Corporate offer

Provide tailored solutions for companies and organizations from the area of leadership development and team management.

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Conduct various events from the area of mental wellness focused on body & mind connection. They were developed to help you learn how to sustain body and mind harmony.

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Olga is an amazing coach. With an open mind and the ability to make you feel empowered to be yourself, she sparks motivation for change. I enjoy talking to her about small crossways showing up as well as the bigger questions in life. For each situation, she is able to find the right format, whether that is active listening, talking, or a session of the Groove.
— Julie B. -

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